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Craps for Windows 95 is my first complete game in Visual Basic 5. It's a dice game that is popular in casinos. It doesn't have all the complex betting options that you would find in Las Vegas, but it's still fun. It keeps track of your winnings even if you quit the program and come back later, and it has some cool sounds. The latest version, which is 1.41, allows multiple players to use the same computer and each keep track of their winnings separately. If you don't know the rules, the in-game help will explain it for you. If you already know the rules, you can just enter a bet, then start clicking on the dice to play. It's very easy to learn. Anyone who beats $1,000,000 will be mentioned on my page. You start the game with $500, however, so it will take some effort. Check it out!

Download the game (~753 k)

Note: if the game doesn't work, you most likely need MSVBVM50.DLL, so download this zip file, extract it into your "c:\windows\system" directory, and try again.

Last modified April 11, 2012
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